Target Acquisition Profile For Fastener Industries, Inc.

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Acquirer Name: Fastener Industries, Inc.
Address: One Berea Commons
Suite 209
Berea OH 44017-2534
Contact: Robert Perry, CEO
Telephone: (440) 243-0034
 Fax: (440) 243-1143
Type of Business: Manufacturer or Distributor
Transaction Size: Up to $20,000,000
Standard Industrial Codes
(SIC) would include:
3452 • 3450
3490 • 3540


NE Ohio and contiguous region

Target Acquisition:

We are looking for a manufacturer or distributor of fasteners or a related industry. The company should be profitable and have management in place. For a manufacturer, in order of preference, we would be interested in;
1) Cold header shop
2) Screw machine shop
3) Punch press shop
4) Plastics manufacturer
5) A tool and die maker

Company Background

Fastener Industries, Inc. (FII) came into existence as The Ohio Nut & Bolt Co. in 1905. FII owns two plants and one warehouse, all in the Cleveland area. The two plants contain cold headers, punch presses, drillers, tappers, rollers, and welders. In addition, it rents warehouse space in Chicago, Toronto, and Atlanta.
FII has a history of successful acquisitions. In 1987, we acquired Joseph Industries, Inc., a distributor of lift truck replacement parts. Later, in 1998, FII acquired the Brainard Rivet Co. Brainard is a cold header shop which manufactures rivets and clevis pins, and is located in the Youngstown area.